Restoration Supermoto

2005 Kawasaki KLX 300 supermoto

The KLX may not be the biggest, baddest, best sumo out there, but its sure a hell of a lot of fun.

There is room for improvement in some things, which were addressed with rebuild. First and foremost is the suspension (front sprung for 155lb rider, rear sprung for 180lb rider, im 195 w/o gear). New suspension will be sent off and resprung and set up for my weight and motarding along with the shock refresh.

Also owner disliked the sluggish way the vacuum operated stock carb supplies power so it was changed out for a Mikuni 36MM pumper carb. the Carb also complimented the 351cc big bore kit from Bill Blue.

Project page –

Part list:

  • Powder coat frame, swing arm, engine mounts and skid plate Satin Black.
  • New bearings in steering head, swing arm, and suspension knuckle
  • 1994 KX 125 forks
  • Rebuilt suspension with proper springs for my weight
  • Anodized Fork tubes black
  • Custom machined spacers for ride height and axle
  • Powder coated shock spring Green
  • B&B 351cc Cylinder kit
  • Mikuni TM-36-68 Carburetor
  • MotionPro Vortex throttle
  • MotionPro Throttle Cable (Custom specs, 4″ longer, connector to mate with Vortex throttle)
  • Custom SS brake line (Russell components)
  • EBC Dirt Racers clutch kit with springs.
  • Green radiator hoses.
  • Renthal sprockets (15t/48t)
  • DID o-ring chain
  • Renthal Fatbar (CR High)
  • Renthal Grips (Med)
  • 2009 KLX250sf headlight (Custom fitted)
  • 2009 KLX250s headlight shrouds (Green and white)
  • CRG barend mirror
  • TrailTech Vapor
  • Moose Skidplate
  • Wide pegs
  • Moose shift lever
  • eBay Taillight from china.
  • 2010 Ninja 250R master cylinder
  • eBay levers for 250R from china
  • 2010 KLX250sf rear brake caliper (black)
  • EXCEL rims