Honda MX Restoration

1989 Honda CR 250 rebuild

Bike was listed as “locked up”, but very low hr bike. Pretty much everything was original except FMF pipe and silencer and bike was stored inside.

The last time it was ridden it sucked in dirt. Crank was sent to Ken Oconner for rebuild.

In seizure cylinder wasn’t damaged but plating was flaking pretty bad. Cylinder with Pro X cast piston was sent to Powersealusa.

The chassis on the bike was clean and original. Just a good cleaning and regreasing. Shock bumper was missing, so it was dropped off for a rebuild.

Carb had 58 pilot and 178 main. Previous owner also had a reed spacer on the intake with an FMF gnarley pipe.

For Racetech fork springs owner had to make make a pvc spacer as the new springs are 40mm shorter than originals, stock springs had a lot of preload on them, owner went with a lot less at the RaceTech recommended 4mm preload.


  • Pro X rod kit
  • replaced all bearings and seals
  • new seat
  • Boyesen reeds
  • yzf pegs
  • SFF forks
  • Excel rims
  • PC raw pipe
  • OEM clutch cable and intake bolts
  • Works Connection frame guards
  • Racetech fork springs
Build Supermoto

2006 Honda CRF450R dirt bike to supermoto

Owner for this nice price took Honda CRF 450R dirt bike and added Aprilia SXV swingarm to the part list and created unique supermoto build.

Part list:

  • 2008 Aprilia SXV swingarm fitted to 2006 CRF450R frame
  • 3.5″x16.5″ and 5.4″x17″ Marchesini wheels
  • Bridgestone Battlax DOT Race Tire 180/55R17
  • Bridgestone Battlax Race 125/60R16.5 Front Slick
  • Scotts Performance Steering Stabilizer Kit
  • PWR Stage 3 Cooling Kit with built in Oil Cooler
  • Renthal Twin Wall Bars
  • Renthal Waffle Grips
  • Ported & Polished Cylinder Head with +2mm exhaust/intake valves
  • Stage 3 HOTCAMS camshaft
  • Cylinder bored +2mm to 468cc
  • Kibble White Stainless Steel Valves
  • JE Piston +2mm(468cc)
  • HOTRODS crankshaft and connecting rod
  • FMF Titanium MegaBomb Header & Muffler
  • J&D Powerbowl 2
  • TokyoMods Billet carb hotstart, drain plug, and mainjet screw
  • Boyesen Quickshot 3
  • Boyesen high flow water pump
  • Boyesen clutch cover
  • Athena Dual Spray Venturi Kit
  • Hammerhead Designs brake pedal, pro spring brake return kit, shifter, engine plugs, oil fills plugs, rear brake master cylinder lid, and seat post
  • K&N air filter
  • DRC brake light
  • Warp 9 footpegs and sliders
  • HPS red silicone radiator hoses
  • SLIDERS axle blocks front and rear
  • CORE MX stainless steel braided(gold) brake lines
  • BRAKING brand front and rear brake calipers
  • BRAKING brand front brake master cylinder/lever setup
  • ProTaper Twister throttle tube with insert to work with handguards
  • ProTaper Profile Pro Clutch lever with hotstart 
  • Enduro Engineering full aluminum handguards
  • APE manual cam chain adjuster
  • Vortex sprockets 14T/41T
  • RK XW-Ring Chain
  • EBC 320mm front brake rotor
  • EBC rear brake rotor
  • SUREFLEX slipper clutch
  • Hinson billet clutch basket
  • Motion Pro throttle, hotstart, clutch cables
  • Honda OEM new engine cases and left side cover
  • Zeta front brake line clamp
  • LIGHTSPEED Carbon Fiber fork guards, rear disc guard, rear brake caliper guard, full glide plate, and airbox louver kit
  • FREE Flo red carb vent tubes 2x
  • GMX carb catch can
  • GMX engine vent catch can
  • Trail Tech Vapor speedo/tach/engine temp
  • Trail Tech flywheel
  • Baja Designs 90W stator rewind
  • Baja Designs cannibalized wiring
  • Polisport Halo headlight with HID bulb upgrade
  • All Balls/HOTRODS all new bearings EVERYWHERE
  • Assorted new all white plastics
MX Restoration

1979 Honda CR 250 restoration

Project –,46/Turning-a-1979-CR250-barn-find-into-a-1978-RC250-replica,1343747?page=1

Looks like this bike was gently trail ridden for maybe 20 or 30 hours. The only wrench this bike ever saw was the rear axle nut to adjust the chain. It was pretty clear that the wheels had never been removed from the bike and the original “Claw” tires still had most of their tread left. The grips and levers looked almost the day they left the dealership.

Obvious that this bike not only had not been raced, but it doesn’t even look like the bike had ever been even in a small crash.

The paint on the fuel tank was unmarred and no sign of even the slightest knee scuff marks. The same goes for both unmarred engine covers. The seat still looked brand new, no cuts or scratches. Most bolts still looked quite new and the trans oils looked pretty good after sitting in a dry place for probably close to 40 years. There was a little bit of fading on the front fender, but other than that, the plastic all looked good.

There was no dry rot on any of the rubber parts either which were still supple like new. There were remnants of a mouse nest in the airbox, but this bike is pretty much a time capsule from the past. The few minor scratches on the swing arm and left side plate looked more from having things piled up against it in a garage than riding. This bike is 100% original.. no parts were broken or missing.

In the end the best match for the engine paint was the RAL 3020 Traffic Red form LVP.

For the slightly lighter colored frame, the Tahitian red from National Autobody & Paint Supply was a dead ringer except it only comes as a base coat which is a flat finish and needs a gloss clear coat.

Part list:

  • rear motor mount bracket fabbed by Ray Carlstedt
  • replica HRC bolts,
  • upper motor mount bracket,
  • RC-replica swing-arm spindles,
  • stainless RC replica motor mount bolts,
  • CNC exhaust flange that will prevent spooge dribble typical of the stock bike,
  • vintage D&G front fork air caps,
  • RC replica white gas cap,
  • VMX fenders,
  • heavier .48kg springs from Race Tech 15 weight oil,
  • shock guard to protect the shafts on the Fox Air Shox
MX Restoration

1995 Honda CR-250 restoration project part list

Projects parts:
  • ufo plastics;
  • PC porting and head mod;
  • PC works pipe and silencer;
  • Vforce3 setup;
  • Odi lock-ons;
  • CEET medium density seat foam;
  • Technosel seat cover;
  • ’94 shrouds;
  • forks and clamps are from an ’05 crf250 ;
  • gold excel wheels and dubya bulldog spokes and nipples ;
  • sudco carburetor;

Tail pipe was tweaked to clear the air box and bladder on the shock. Also cut the stock front mount off the pipe and rewelded it to work with the ’95 frame

Fork modifications – pressed the ’05 stem out and pressed the ’95 stem into the ’05 clamps.
New ’95 bearings and seals. 
Spanner nut from the ’95 but used the upper aluminum nut from the ’05. Measure your height of the stem in the ’95 before pressing it apart so you know you have the stem height correct.