MX Restoration

1995 Yamaha YZ 250 restoration/rebuild

This project was made with budged in mind so many parts are reused!

Project forum thread –,46/1995-YZ-250-No-frills-no-bling-rebuild,1328872?page=1

Used parts:
  • 06 YZ450
  • .47 springs, 375cc of fluid
  • new swing arm, old was to damaged and cracked
  • front brake from Honda CRF – master cylinder, hose and caliper with a 270mm rotor.
  • rear brake master cylinder from YZ ’04
  • right side frame guard of ’98
  • came with log rod motor
  • later model rear brake master cylinder
  • Boyesen Rad Valve
  • Enzo subbies

Front wheel in good shape with spacers, rotor, axle and brand new front tire for cheap from eBay.

There was added some material to the steering stop so that the later-model clamps would make full contact.