MX Supermoto Suzuki

1992 Suzuki RMX 250 supermoto

Supermoto made from Suzuki RMX 250


1996 Yamaha YZ 250 rebuild

Honda MX Restoration

1986 Honda CR 125R dirt bike restoration

Project –,22/Project-bike-1986-Honda-CR125R,1299309


  • new clutch cover
  • new fuel tank
  • restored plastic by sanding, heat gun treatment and Plastic Renew stuff
  • HRC cylinder
  • rebuilt crankshaft (new used) with a 50mm stroke
  • new fork seals, clutch/throttle cable, chain and rear sprocket
  • new seat cover
  • piston with one ring
  • Keihin 36mm
  • Yamaha footpegs
  • IMS shift lever
  • custom pipe hanger
  • Motion Pro throttle assembly
  • front brake system from last generation CR125/250
  • Shock mud guard is brand new part for 1990 CR125
Honda MX Restoration Supermoto

Honda CR 500af supermoto build (CR 500 + CRF 450)

Project –

donor bikes – 91 CR500 and 07 CRF 450


  • 91 cr500 engine stripped and vapour blasted
  • rebuilt and balanced crank with prox conrod
  • all new bearings and seals
  • stan stephens moderately tuned barrel with oversize prox piston 502cc
  • pro designs polished billet coolhead with multi compression inserts
  • boyesen radvalve and block carbon reeds
  • talon clutch basket/ebc drc clutch with standard springs
  • boyesen clutch cover
  • boyesen ignition cover
  • pwk carb
  • polished engine parts/head/kickstart/waterpump cover/coolhead/ carb/engine bolts etc
  • wrinkle paint finish to casings and barrel
  • samco engine hoses
  • silicone carb hoses
  • modified crf radiators
  • cr 250 airboot with custom airbox plate
  • new crf 450 airbox and standard filter
  • high output coil.
  • 07 crf 450 frame
  • pro fabricated to fit cr 500engine, powdercoated graphite
  • aprillia rxv swingarm,powdercoated graphite
  • modified subframe powder coated graphite
  • costom made billet headstay
  • marzzochi shiver 50 forks pro-action setup marzzochi triple clamps
  • ohlins ttx rear shock
  • polished crf shock linkage
  • ohlins 2.1 steering damper
  • all bearings replaced/headstock/swingarm etc
  • trail-tech sidestand
  • pro-circuit platinum expansion chamber with crf 250 carbon/titanium akropovic twin cans
  • goldspeed carbon wheels with polished hubs
  • goldspeed ultra road legal tyres
  • beringer radial caliper/factory polished
  • beringer master cylinder/factory polished
  • beringer clutch lever/factory polished
  • beringer front disk
  • aprillia rxv rear brake
  • pro-carbon fuel tank
  • pro-carbon tank shrouds
  • pro-carbon front fender/shortened and modified
  • pro-carbon frame guards
  • carbon wrapped rear fender
  • crf 450 sidepanels
  • new honda rad guards
  • driven racing carbon bars
  • infinity carbon handguard sheilds with cycra probend handguards
  • icon racing billet fuel cap/polished
  • sdg step seat
  • GFX designs custom graphics

2017 Husqvarna FC450

Project –,46/2017-Husqvarna-FC450,1309592

Husqvarna FC450 with 19 hours on it a lot of the hours were put on it in “the dunes”.


  • Vortex sprockets
  • SUPER-FLO kit
  • Boyesen water pump cover
  • Lightspeed carbon fiber fork guards
  • Hinson clutch cover
  • T.M. Designworks rear chain guide
  • RK chain
  • black ribbed GUTS Racing seat cover and Phantom seat foam
  • ARC Memlon levers and clamps
  • cerakoted rear brake setup by Clayton Miller at Trick Engineering
  • Cycralite front fender paired with a Cycra Stadium plate, these are the new 2016+ KTM SXF pieces
  • All Balls rebuild kits for caliper and master cylinder
  • Acerbis P3 frame guards
  • ODI bars with their TLD edition “no waffle” grips
  • Fasst Co. spring return and a nicer/bigger brake pedal tip from Enduro Engineering
  • Mishimoto radiator cap
  • Yoshimura RS – 4 exhaust system, a full Titanium with Carbon end cap
  • Titanium footpegs from BUD
  • WP shock
  • Excel A60 rim
  • Motion Pro rim strip, Motion Pro rim lock
  • Michelin Starcross 5 tires ( 110 rather than a 120)
  • parts
  • ARC clamp, Motion Pro throttle tube
  • Race Tech Ti pivot bolt
  • Xtrig ROCS clamps

Brake Lever –

Clutch Lever –

Clamps –

Foam –

Seat Cover –

Link posted on Vital awhile back about their refurb program:,13878/ocscottie,405\

Link to the exhaust I’m using on this build:

Honda MX Restoration

1989 Honda CR 250 rebuild

Bike was listed as “locked up”, but very low hr bike. Pretty much everything was original except FMF pipe and silencer and bike was stored inside.

The last time it was ridden it sucked in dirt. Crank was sent to Ken Oconner for rebuild.

In seizure cylinder wasn’t damaged but plating was flaking pretty bad. Cylinder with Pro X cast piston was sent to Powersealusa.

The chassis on the bike was clean and original. Just a good cleaning and regreasing. Shock bumper was missing, so it was dropped off for a rebuild.

Carb had 58 pilot and 178 main. Previous owner also had a reed spacer on the intake with an FMF gnarley pipe.

For Racetech fork springs owner had to make make a pvc spacer as the new springs are 40mm shorter than originals, stock springs had a lot of preload on them, owner went with a lot less at the RaceTech recommended 4mm preload.


  • Pro X rod kit
  • replaced all bearings and seals
  • new seat
  • Boyesen reeds
  • yzf pegs
  • SFF forks
  • Excel rims
  • PC raw pipe
  • OEM clutch cable and intake bolts
  • Works Connection frame guards
  • Racetech fork springs
MX Yamaha

2006 Yamaha YZ250 (Tom Morgan YZ315 stroker),46/2006-YZ250-TMR-YZ295,1345261

Part list:

  • DEP works pipe, R304 shorty silencer,
  • 2008 CRF450R front brakes,
  • Vforce 3 reeds, new plastics,
  • chain and sprockets,
  • brand new 2018 YZ250 wheels,
  • Tusk 270mm adapter to get 2008 CRF450 calipers,
  • Red Label is making the graphics,
  • GUTS seat,
  • Tom Morgan 295cc ported, milled head,
  • Magura Clutch,
  • R-tech kit, blue Luxon clamps, and 18 YZ450F front plate and fender,
  • R-tech tank,
  • Acerbis blue frame guards,

Owner found one in Yamaha for less then $2,000 and it was a bit of a mess. Front brakes barely did anything, didn’t run right, chain was shot… just a mess.

Frame was really bad shape, slow spinning wire brush on the end of a drill was used, a Dremel and some scotch brite pads.

Had to order the Tusk 270mm adapter to get the 2008 CRF450 calipers mounted. Brakes work fantastic now that it’s bled with new system!

After Magura Clutch install pull feels quite a bit better and reduced effort to pull.

After bottom end modification it will be 76mm stroker that will make YZ315. Tom Morgan was building it, along with flow benching reed cage and carb. He uses stock crank, balances it and uses OE Yamaha rod kit since OE is proven reliable.

A big bore pulls more air volume thru the intake tract and also requires a smaller throttle opening to create the same torque. This raises the vacuum in the carb which causes a larger pressure differential between the float bowl and the venture. This pulls more fuel thru the same size jet. The A/F ratio is the same but people mistakenly believe that it is leaner because of the smaller jets. The main change that you will make when increasing the engine displacement is in needle clip position and air screw setting. The main jet stays very close to the same as with a smaller bore

Carb setup

185 Main
N3EW #2
55 Pilot
1-1/2 out on AS

Restoration Supermoto

2005 Kawasaki KLX 300 supermoto

The KLX may not be the biggest, baddest, best sumo out there, but its sure a hell of a lot of fun.

There is room for improvement in some things, which were addressed with rebuild. First and foremost is the suspension (front sprung for 155lb rider, rear sprung for 180lb rider, im 195 w/o gear). New suspension will be sent off and resprung and set up for my weight and motarding along with the shock refresh.

Also owner disliked the sluggish way the vacuum operated stock carb supplies power so it was changed out for a Mikuni 36MM pumper carb. the Carb also complimented the 351cc big bore kit from Bill Blue.

Project page –

Part list:

  • Powder coat frame, swing arm, engine mounts and skid plate Satin Black.
  • New bearings in steering head, swing arm, and suspension knuckle
  • 1994 KX 125 forks
  • Rebuilt suspension with proper springs for my weight
  • Anodized Fork tubes black
  • Custom machined spacers for ride height and axle
  • Powder coated shock spring Green
  • B&B 351cc Cylinder kit
  • Mikuni TM-36-68 Carburetor
  • MotionPro Vortex throttle
  • MotionPro Throttle Cable (Custom specs, 4″ longer, connector to mate with Vortex throttle)
  • Custom SS brake line (Russell components)
  • EBC Dirt Racers clutch kit with springs.
  • Green radiator hoses.
  • Renthal sprockets (15t/48t)
  • DID o-ring chain
  • Renthal Fatbar (CR High)
  • Renthal Grips (Med)
  • 2009 KLX250sf headlight (Custom fitted)
  • 2009 KLX250s headlight shrouds (Green and white)
  • CRG barend mirror
  • TrailTech Vapor
  • Moose Skidplate
  • Wide pegs
  • Moose shift lever
  • eBay Taillight from china.
  • 2010 Ninja 250R master cylinder
  • eBay levers for 250R from china
  • 2010 KLX250sf rear brake caliper (black)
  • EXCEL rims
Build Supermoto

2006 Honda CRF450R dirt bike to supermoto

Owner for this nice price took Honda CRF 450R dirt bike and added Aprilia SXV swingarm to the part list and created unique supermoto build.

Part list:

  • 2008 Aprilia SXV swingarm fitted to 2006 CRF450R frame
  • 3.5″x16.5″ and 5.4″x17″ Marchesini wheels
  • Bridgestone Battlax DOT Race Tire 180/55R17
  • Bridgestone Battlax Race 125/60R16.5 Front Slick
  • Scotts Performance Steering Stabilizer Kit
  • PWR Stage 3 Cooling Kit with built in Oil Cooler
  • Renthal Twin Wall Bars
  • Renthal Waffle Grips
  • Ported & Polished Cylinder Head with +2mm exhaust/intake valves
  • Stage 3 HOTCAMS camshaft
  • Cylinder bored +2mm to 468cc
  • Kibble White Stainless Steel Valves
  • JE Piston +2mm(468cc)
  • HOTRODS crankshaft and connecting rod
  • FMF Titanium MegaBomb Header & Muffler
  • J&D Powerbowl 2
  • TokyoMods Billet carb hotstart, drain plug, and mainjet screw
  • Boyesen Quickshot 3
  • Boyesen high flow water pump
  • Boyesen clutch cover
  • Athena Dual Spray Venturi Kit
  • Hammerhead Designs brake pedal, pro spring brake return kit, shifter, engine plugs, oil fills plugs, rear brake master cylinder lid, and seat post
  • K&N air filter
  • DRC brake light
  • Warp 9 footpegs and sliders
  • HPS red silicone radiator hoses
  • SLIDERS axle blocks front and rear
  • CORE MX stainless steel braided(gold) brake lines
  • BRAKING brand front and rear brake calipers
  • BRAKING brand front brake master cylinder/lever setup
  • ProTaper Twister throttle tube with insert to work with handguards
  • ProTaper Profile Pro Clutch lever with hotstart 
  • Enduro Engineering full aluminum handguards
  • APE manual cam chain adjuster
  • Vortex sprockets 14T/41T
  • RK XW-Ring Chain
  • EBC 320mm front brake rotor
  • EBC rear brake rotor
  • SUREFLEX slipper clutch
  • Hinson billet clutch basket
  • Motion Pro throttle, hotstart, clutch cables
  • Honda OEM new engine cases and left side cover
  • Zeta front brake line clamp
  • LIGHTSPEED Carbon Fiber fork guards, rear disc guard, rear brake caliper guard, full glide plate, and airbox louver kit
  • FREE Flo red carb vent tubes 2x
  • GMX carb catch can
  • GMX engine vent catch can
  • Trail Tech Vapor speedo/tach/engine temp
  • Trail Tech flywheel
  • Baja Designs 90W stator rewind
  • Baja Designs cannibalized wiring
  • Polisport Halo headlight with HID bulb upgrade
  • All Balls/HOTRODS all new bearings EVERYWHERE
  • Assorted new all white plastics
MX Restoration

1992 Kawasaki KX 500 restoration and repair

Project –,46/1994-KX500,1327425

General specification:

  • Engine Displacement – 499
  • Engine Type – liquid-cooled, two-stroke
  • Cylinders – 1
  • Horse Power – 62
  • Transmission – 5-speed
  • Torque – 64.7 N-m 16.6 kg-m. 47.7 ft-Ib) @6000 RPM
  • Dry Weight kg – 100
  • Fuel Tank (gal) – 2.6
  • Fuel Tank (liter) – 9.9
  • Oil type – 10W/40
  • Front Tire – 80/100 R21
  • Rear Tire – 110/90 R19
  • Wheelbase – 1491mm (58.7in)
  • Wheel travel Front – 300mm
  • Wheele travel Rear – 330mm
  • Overall length – 2200mm
  • Overall width – 815mm
  • Overall height – 1205mm

This 1992 Kawasaki KX 500 was long coming project, because owner were looking for right motorcycle over year till this gem poped up. The goal was to update the brakes, wheels, suspension, clutch and all around fit and finish. And end result speak for it self.


  • 2011 Kawasaki triple trees got the stem pressed out and the KX500 stem pressed in
  • changed fork stops
  • the Brembo brakes and wheels are off a 2013 KTM
  • EXCEL Rim
  • new impeller drive gear old on the end of the crank shaft was beat to death, mushroomed and had broken teeth
  • made bracket to utilize KX 450 sliders
  • custom made wheel spacers
  • 450 cover
  • rebuilt shock, race tech gold valve and bladder cap
  • hydraulic clutch
  • cerakoted engine – tungsten color
  • ported cylinder and cleaned up power valves
  • new clutch basket
  • seat cover from MotoSeat
  • resotred PRO Circuit pipe

Simple way to upgrade the clutch pull arm for a little more leverage. Take a yamaha 450 pull arm shaft and this billet arm thats a tad longer, weld the splines to your 500 arm.